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  • Cherries For Your Pain
    Believe it or not, an estimated 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis,a degenerative joint disease which causes stiffness, pain and inflammation.
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  • How to Tap your Inner Energy Reserves…the secret you already possess
    As adults, we find ourselves looking for ways to reawaken the childhood experience of aliveness and vitality. The breath is the most profound and readily accessible tool for purifying and revitalizing the body. Western medical and scientific studies are proving again and again what the Eastern health traditions have known for centuries, that when we breathe well we create the optimum conditions for health, vitality and well-being. Correlations between breathing and the state of our body and mind have been made for thousands of years in ancient Taoism, in Yogic scriptures and in the medical practices of China, Tibet and India (Ayurveda). With a little effort, you can begin to experience the essential breath, the unconditioned breath of our childhood, and recover the dynamic vitality that lies within us.
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