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Bald Men

by: Jimmy Sturo

After obesity, baldness is the biggest fear that men have related to health issues. About 66% of men are affected by male pattern baldness in some form or the other, at some point in their lives. The distinguishing factor of male pattern baldness is the loss of hair, especially from the side of the forehead. This is also called receding hairline. Androgenic alopecia is also common; this is a bald spot or bald patch often found on the top of the head.

If you find your hair receding to form a typical �M� shape, this is a common symptom of baldness in men. The present hair may also turn thinner and shorter, especially hair at the crown. However, the diagnosis of baldness can be done by taking a skin biopsy which, if positive, can reveal presence of lead and arsenic. Out of the various treatments available, changing the hairstyle into something very contemporary is one of the cheapest options.

In cases of extreme loss, there are two types of drugs used for treatment. These are Minoxidil (also known as Rogaine) and Finasteride (also called Propecia or Proscar). A hair transplant is another good option, if you can afford it. Over the years, various tests and experiments have been done to find out if there is any way to prevent male pattern baldness, but none have revealed any possible solution.

Some people are affected by baldness to such a large extent that it results in the loss of their self-esteem. This is because men tend to believe that hair is necessary for attractiveness. This finally causes other complications like psychological stress, depression and anxiety, which at times could lead to a complete change in the personality of the person.

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