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Baldness Cures

by: Damian Sofsian

Baldness is not a problem that can be taken lightly and the medical community is hard at work isolating cures and treatment modules for it. Apart from the psychological ramifications in a predominantly appearance-oriented society, there is a good deal of money to be made by effective baldness cures.

Propecia has been proven to stimulate marginal hair regrowth and is useful in long-term maintenance. It works by inhibiting systemic creation of DHT and has been found effective in men only. Minoxidil has been found far more effective in actual growth stimulation, though the benefits are strictly short-term and almost immediately reversed at cessation of treatment. It is useful in both male and female baldness and is best used along with Propecia for optimum regrowth and maintenance.

Dutasteride is a fairly new innovation in the treatment of baldness. Controlled studies indicate that its regrowth properties surpass that of Propecia, and that it is also useful in long-term maintenance of regenerated hair. Since this an emerging treatment module, sufficient studies as far as side effects are concerned have not yet been undertaken. There may be issues of allergic reactions in certain users.

The only other clinically established and therapeutically useful formulation is tricomin, which regenerates hair by kick-starting existing hair follicles back into productivity. It is relatively free of unwanted side effects and its efficacy is enhanced in combination with other treatment modules such as minoxidil and Propecia.

With specific regard to female baldness, the medical correction of disrupted thyroid functions can have positive effects, as can, in certain instances, female hormone (estrogen) replacement therapy.

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