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Diabetes Supplies

by: Josh Riverside

Diabetes is a lifelong disease and can affect any one at any age or time. For many years this was considered to be a life-threatening disease, as there was no remedy. With improvements in research many therapies have been developed. The first step in controlling diabetes is to know that your blood sugar levels are high, and to check this a number of tools have been developed. It used to be that regular blood tests were the only way to check sugar levels, but advances in blood-testing technology help you check your sugar level anywhere and anytime.

Self-test kits are available in stores. These self-test kits come in the form of test strips and blood glucose meters. You only have to put a drop of blood on the test strip and then place the strip into the blood glucose meter. The meter makes the calculations, and within no time you can know your sugar level. There are two types of meters: one shows a color change and the other gives a digital display of the reading. To prick your finger to get a drop of blood you will need to use a lancet. These lancets usually come along with the unit itself. These are not interchangeable from one unit to the other. The cost of the individual units may vary according to the brand, between $65 and $70.

While buying blood glucose meters you have various options. You could choose one that has a built-in memory to help you monitor your sugar levels over time. Others have a voice system, which takes you through the steps involved. Still others have a siphon action test strip, which helps in getting the blood onto the strip. Some of the brands are the one-touch ultra, the accu-check, the freestyle and the one-touch sure-step. In order to help you take your insulin dose there are a number of insulin delivery systems, like insulin pumps, insulin infusers, pen injectors, jet injectors and the normal syringe. The pumps cost from $3,500-$5,000 while the pen injectors may range from $45-$60. The jet injectors could be purchased for around $1,000.

While using these self-test kits you should be very accurate. You should calibrate your reading immediately so that you can compare it at the doctors office. You should check your strips and meter accurately. In order to be thorough with the technique, be sure to read the manual accompanying the unit. And in case of further query, you can always call the manufacturer of the device.

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