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General Health: Bill Clinton Skips Fast Food After Having A High Blood Pressure Scare by Scott Davis  Previous Next

Bill Clinton Skips Fast Food After Having A High Blood Pressure Scare by Scott Davis

by: Scott Davis

No one would argue that being president of the United States is a stressful job. Furthermore, one would imagine that the president is always on the go and always busy. No one would argue either that often the first thing to go with this lifestyle is good eating habits, healthy living routines, and exercise.

Fast Food Delivery

At the age of 58, Bill Clinton was seemingly in good health. He had no known history of heart disease or heart problems. And yet, in 2001, a medical report indicated that his cholesterol was above a normal level and his blood pressure was bordering on high. This did not come as a huge surprise to those who knew his eating habits during his presidency. Clinton was known for his consumption of fast food, and he became all too aware of how that had caught up with him.

He said that 'Some of this is genetic, and I may have done some damage in those years when I was too careless about what I ate, so for whatever reason, I've got a problem, and I've got a chance to deal with it."

In 2004, he did undergo a bye pass operation. As he want to prolong with it. Clinton chose to do exercise regularly, having good balanced diet and he changed his way of living to lead a healthy life.

How Exercise Can Reduce Cholesterol?

In its simplest definition, cholesterol is a waxy, soft substance that is found in the fats in the bloodstream. Contrary to what many may think, it is not bad that it is there. Cholesterol helps form cell membranes and hormones in addition to be needed to aid other bodily functions.

It will also affect the heart making more damage as it can be broken off due to the formation of cholesterol into the valves. If the cholesterol level in our blood pathway is found to be more, it will cause some problem. As larger quantity of cholesterol cannot be absorbed in the bloodstream, it forms block in the bloodstream all over the body.

Exercise helps for three reasons.

Cholesterol can be controlled by doing exercise regularly as they will reduce over weight and maintaining the weight. It is necessary to lead a healthy life.

When we do exercise the heart works to a greater extent. As a result, it will increase the circulation of blood to our whole body and will remove the traces of cholesterol which may cause blocks in the nerves.

Performing the physical activity brings down the level of bad cholesterol and increases the amount of the good cholesterol.

Most people today are well aware of the need to practice healthy living and make smart choices about diet and exercise.

It will provide a brief knowledge about it. For people who don't know how to reduce cholesterol you can look our guide to lower cholesterol naturally for the natural way of reducing cholesterol.

Scott Davis is a natural health researcher and the author of many natural health notes. His recent work is a detialed note to manage cholesterol naturally. You can learn more from Davis about lower cholesterol here.

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