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by: Damian Sofsian

You may often hear that the number of hours that should be allotted for sleeping is eight. This is true, although most people today get less than eight hours of sleep. Sleep is as important as exercise and diet. It is a basic human need. When you sleep, although your brain is active, your body is at rest readying itself for a productive day ahead.

For some people, sleep is a way to relieve the body from tension and suspend the consciousness of the world for several hours. But there is actually more to sleep than being a natural part of everybody�s life. A good sleep is required to give good health, emotional, and mental functioning and safety. It is important that you give time to rest your working brain and body, in spite of your busy schedule.

However, there are some people who really find it hard to sleep. It is because of several factors such as environment, illness, or a mental condition. A distracting environment can make it hard for you to fall asleep like a noisy room, or a too hot or too cold room, as well as a too brightly lit or too dark room. Some physical problems can interfere with your ability to sleep such as toothache, stomachache, backache or headache. Mental stress can also deprive you of sleep.

If some people find it hard to sleep, others do not obtain any adequate nighttime sleep at all. If you one of these people, you are suffering from a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders can be classified as dyssomnias, parasomnias, medical or psychiatric disorders and proposed sleep disorders. By consulting your physician, your sleeping problem can be identified and a solution found.

Sleeping should never be taken for granted. Even if you are a busy person, you must always find time to have an adequate sleep. This will not only give you good health, but will also prevent you from having serious heath problems in the future.

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