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Differences In Makeup for Fall And Winter Makeup

by: Luke Lawreszuk

Fall and winter makeup is different, to a point. The summer sun is fading and the cold days of winter are quickly approaching. Your makeup should be changing with the seasons so you are always looking your best no matter what the time of year it is. There are subtle differences from fall to winter, though. You do want to move into the winter colors and styles slowly so that you do not have a stark difference one day to the next.

What Makes Them Different?

Several things make fall makeup different from winter. Check them out:

  1. Move to more tinting in foundations. The biggest change from the winter months is the foundation. You will want to use a more oil-based product to ensure your skin does not dry out during the cold winter. In addition, you can add tint to the skin if you are hoping to carry your fall color through winter. It is more natural, though, to switch to a foundation that is more similar to your skin's natural color.
  2. Fall colors are traditionally more natural and earth colored than they are in the winter months. You can use colors that are more dramatic during the winter months and get away with it easily. Switch to more winter like colors like grays, blacks and browns. The color may be more pronounced during the winter months, too.
  3. Let your lips stand out. Use colors that are more vibrant during the winter to make a statement with your colors. Your lips are the ideal place to focus. Go with colors that are more striking than those that just blend in.

In the winter months, you have more range of choice in colors. The color can be more pronounced and still be very beautiful. Choose colors wisely and be sure to transition slowly so that your look is naturally changing like the seasons.

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