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Supersized America...Are We Killing Our Children?

by: Lisa Corkern

Supersized America! – Are we Killing our Children?

It’s no surprise to anyone that the typical American family has changed. In the 1950’s marriage usually meant the end of any job a woman may have had. The woman’s focus was now on taking care of her family. That just seems unreasonable now considering the facts. Number 1 being more single women than ever are raising their children alone. Even in families with both parents present, the average household has both parents working, spending little time with their children.
This leads to a tremendous decline in the traditional “family table.” There is a rush between mothers getting their children from school, changed, and over to their after school activities. They then drop them off to go pick up siblings from other activities. I have been watching this process for years amongst my peers. This leads to the drive thru dinner solution in most cases. No more of mom staying home and cooking healthy meals from scratch. It’s just not a realistic expectation everyday. I am no exception. Maybe doctors are correct that we are genetically pre-designed to be obese, but isn’t it time for us to break that cycle with the information and abilities that we have since the 1950’s.
I have a full job schedule, classes, and the exasperating responsibility of 2 sons, 15 and 3. My husband is a tremendous help, but the truth is, they get a home cooked dinner on the weekends, and that doesn’t necessarily make it an overly nutritious healthy meal. We do live in New Orleans after all. We're not known for our health food! I have tried to reduce my usage of cooking oils, butter, salt, and seasonings, but that doesn’t stop them from loading it on themselves despite my objections.
So supplements have become my answer to the years of damage we have already done to our bodies in my family…so what about the rest of America?

The wellness industry statistics states these alarming facts:

• 400,000 people are dying each year from obesity, and obesity related diseases.
• Estimated 70% of the marketplace is overweight.
• 7 out of 10 doctor visits are due to fatigue.
• Today’s generation is the 1st generation of Americans in 200 years NOT expected to outlive their parents! – (THAT SCARES ME!)
• 1/3 of children are +--at risk to develop type 2 diabetes
• 1 out of 4 children are clinically obese!

These are staggering and alarming facts! I hate to think of my children not outliving me! We need to recognize the drive thru is our enemy, yet millions of us will drive thru one today for a “quick bite.” It has become a habit we need to take a step back from.
We need better nutrition and we need it now! If not for yourself, at least implement a nutritional supplement into your kids diets as I have mine. There is no excuse for not giving them at least a simple multi-vitamin per day. Make sure it’s one worth the money! The grocery store vitamins are not always as great as they appear. It’s just the big companies have the means to market their product in a way to convince the majority that they need their product.
Take a good look at your children. What are you teaching them about health and nutrition? What are they learning about it in school? Are they getting physical exercise, or do they spend their free time in front of a TV or computer screen? Are they the weight they should be for their age and height?
We all love our children, and as all parents, we want them to do better in life than we have. Why are we stripping them of that opportunity by feeding them junk? I make them nutritious shakes that they love and ask for everyday, along with not just any old vitamin, but one I have complete faith in. I want my children to be there for their own children. I have changed their diets now. No more super-sized meals!
They are now more healthy and happy!

-Lisa Corkern

My name is Lisa Corkern. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana with my husband and 2 sons. I love my jobs. I work in Hazardous Materials and I'm an Independent Distributor for Herbalife. I also help people with much more than health, but also exercise and personal development. I love to spend time with my family, read and listen to music.

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