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Causes of Thrush

by: Rosemary Young

Knowing the causes of Thrush is the secret to prevention and the best way to implement the correct measures so symptoms never get the chance to develop in the first place.

Therefore, Thrush is caused by a fungus known as Candida. It can develop in many different parts of the body (female or male) and in very similar ways. Normally, Candida is harmless and present throughout the body in particular, the skin and digestive tract. In a healthy body it is kept under control by the body's immune system as well as by good bacteria which occur naturally on the skin and within the body.

When the immune system is depressed and/or good bacteria are not present in the numbers required to protect the body from Candida, a Thrush infection can quickly take hold. This frequently occurs when antibiotics are prescribed to treat an initial medical condition. In this instance, the body's immune system is under pressure because it is fighting the initial infection and the antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria.

Remember, antibiotics don't discriminate, not only will they kill a bacterial infection (provided the body hasn't developed a resistance to antibiotics due to overuse) they also kill the good bacteria that's keeping your body well. In this situation, the naturally occurring Candida cells in your body become opportunistic and proliferate causing a yeast infection which is more commonly known as Thrush.

Then if anti-fungals are prescribed for the treatment of Thrush, you may find that relief is short lived, as the antibiotics have compromised the two things that were protecting your body in the first place, the body's immune system and the good bacteria naturally found in your body.

Therefore, if you are taking antibiotics to fight a bacterial infection, a course of probiotics may be helpful in replacing the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill. Remember though, this is not a long term solution, as the best defence for any infection is a healthy body with strong immune system and a high degree of good bacteria.

The contraceptive pill is also a significant cause of thrush in women. The contraceptive pill alters the levels of Progesterone in the body which can predispose a woman to yeast infections. Therefore, females on the pill should remain vigilant for the symptoms of Thrush.

Nutrition also plays an important role in the body's defences against Thrush infections. After all, good food is what keeps the body healthy and maintains an effective immune system. How many times have you noticed that when you actually do get sick that you were feeling run down or stressed? This can also happen after a period of excessive alcohol intake or an inadequate diet. Stress is another consideration that is quite often overlooked. It too can weaken the immune system which once again, opening the door for a Thrush infection to take hold.

Therefore, you can see the importance of a healthy immune system and just how essential the good bacteria in you body are in keeping you healthy and free from Thrush infections. Learn how to protect yourself from developing thrush by knowing your triggers and risk factors. Knowing the early symptoms of Thrush is important but the secret to a Thrush free life can be as simple as merely knowing the causes and how to eliminate them.

Knowing the causes of Thrush is vitally important for men and women that fit into the high risk categories so that they can act before they start to exhibit any symptoms. This article has been presented to provide eduction about Thrush infections also known as Yeast Infections and Candida. Correct diagnosis and Treatment for Thrush is important and should always be conducted with complete consultation with a qualified Medical Practitioner.

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