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Nutrients for trouble-free vision

by: Anonymous

Question : I often have difficulty seeing objects far away. I was told that my favourite caffeinated drinks are bad for the eyes. Is it true?
Answer : Nearsightedness, or myopia, is a vision problem experienced by about one-third of the population. Nearsighted people have difficulty reading highway signs and seeing other objects at a distance, but can see for up-close tasks such as reading or sewing.
Nearsightedness may be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, laser or refractive surgery. Depending on your vision problem, you may need to wear your glasses or contact lenses all the time, or only when you need distance vision.
Caffeinated drinks may interfere with the normal blood circulation to the eyes and upset the hormonal stability in the system. Caffeine and alcohol are often regarded as toxins in our bodies.
However, the lens, retina, macula, and other parts of the eye involved in eyesight can be protected with the proper intake of antioxidants. Almost all the antioxidants have a positive influence on eye health. Of particular importance are vitamins C, E, selenium, and beta-carotene.
Two particular carotenoids, called lutein and zeaxanthin, play an important role in protecting eye tissue in the macula from damage by free radicals. Corn, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peppers, red grapes and pumpkin are some of the foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. You can also find carotenoids and flavonoids in many herbs, including bilberry, eyebright, lycium and spinach.
Always exercise your eyes. Move your eyes in circular motion without moving your head.

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