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by: Dr. Tom Pousti M.D.

Labiaplasty is increasing in popularity as a surgical procedure among women of various ages. Many women choose to undergo labiaplasty to reduce the size of the labia or to improve the look of the vaginal area. Factors including child bearing, sexual activity, congenital anomalies, and aging are medical and aesthetic reasons women are seeking cosmetic surgery.
Ideal candidates for the procedure include women with enlarged or hypertrophic labia minora that cause discomfort and even psycho-social issues. Local irritation, problems with personal hygiene, interference with sexual intercourse, discomfort during physical activities such as cycling, horseback riding, sitting, and chaffing while walking and running are indications for surgical labia reduction.
Depending on the severity and complexity of the case, the procedure may be performed under a local or general anesthesia. The procedure involves removal of any excess tissue, asymmetry, or irregularities from the inner labia minora, which covers the clitoris and vagina. In some instances, the outer labia majora may also be improved if necessary.
Care is taken to avoid over-resection or trimming of the labia and to avoid interference with the clitoris and the urethral opening. The judicious reduction of the labia minora serves to improve the physical discomfort and sexuality of the patient. Internal dissolvable sutures are used and incisions are minimal and discrete. Sensitivity is normally unaffected.
This 25-year old patient was born with severe excessive labia minora and wanted to have labiaplasty surgery to improve the look and discomfort she experience for so long.
Recovery time can vary from patient to patient. Bed rest is recommended for the first 2-3 days to ensure proper healing. Ice cold compresses during the first few days will help minimize swelling. The patient is instructed to avoid strenuous activity including sexual intercourse, tampon use, biking, and running for about 4-6 weeks.
Final results are usually seen at about 4-6 months. The request for labiaplasty consultations are in demand and many women feel that they will benefit from the procedure to help improve their self-image and confidence.

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