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Obtaining Birth Certificates

by: Max Bellamy

Birth certificates are important documents that everyone should have a file of. It is the foremost proof that the government acknowledges your existence and identity. Most official transactions require a submission of the authentic copy of this document. You cannot apply for a visa or passport, and even a driver�s license without it. And only the government can provide you with the official copy.

Obtaining an authenticated copy of a birth certificate has been made easy, fast and convenient. You may request online the municipal office or city hall where your birth was registered for a copy. Payment can also be made online through major credit cards. Of course, you can still order over the phone or through fax. Walk in clients may also be entertained by the local registrar All you need to do is follow the procedures:

First, choose which state you were born in or where the original record is. Second, select the specific municipality or city or county office you were registered at, if you are not sure which, check with your parents or with the hospital where you were born in. They usually keep a file of all birth records. They may help you identify where your original certificate is. When you find your local registry, inform them that you need to have copy of your birth certificate.

To prohibit unauthorized requisition of birth certificates, only the person named on the certificate may request for a copy. Identity thefts are becoming rampant, and this is only one way to ensure your security against people with malicious intent. Persons below 13 years old cannot yet request for a copy of their birth certificates. They will need to have their parents get the copy for them. Only one wallet-sized certificate and one certified copy or long form will be issued per request.

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