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Attention Deficit Disorder Tests

by: Alison Cole

Research has proved that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a genetically occurring problem. Being a disorder rather than a disease, there is a lack of clinical tests to diagnose ADD and its co-existing maladies. This further complicates the issue for physicians and patients since proper diagnosis is the pathway for proper treatment.

It is necessary to evaluate the habits of the child displaying signs of ADD. The family history is comes in useful in testing. During this evaluation, it is likely that co-existing conditions will come to light. For this testing method to be fruitful, it is vital that parents, family, practitioners, and teachers give proper feedback of the child�s activities and behavior patterns. Follow-up is also important in this regard.

In tandem, a physical examination of the child for olfactory malfunctioning or hidden injuries needs to be done by a pediatrician or general physician. Such an examination would also reveal thyroid dysfunction, which is prevalent among such patients. It is noteworthy that till today diagnosis of the disorder is applicable only in childhood stages. There is no formal diagnosis for adult ADD.

Apart from this, epidemiologic studies, usage of diagnostic criteria, accurate description of each case, follow up study will go a long way in testing for childhood ADD and understanding responses to different therapies and treatments.

Due to lack of proper clinical testing procedures, there are issues raised about ADD diagnosis, which denote that further research is needed to recommend diagnostic methods. Often, clinicians are unable to differentiate ADD from similar behavioral problems. Also, ADD is typically accompanies by other conditions that give scope for conflicting research results. Since there is lack of proper definition of the disorder, percentage figures of the disorder�s prevalence in US and other countries are debatable.

Lack of awareness, perceptions about medication, social stigma, improper parental training, and few specialized programs are obstacles to identification and evaluation of ADD.

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder provides detailed information on Attention Deficit Disorder, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder Tests and more. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is affiliated with Children with ADHD.

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