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Are dentures the right choice?

Sandra Smith

Dentures have come a long way since the early days but are quickly becoming the second choice to dental implants. They seem like an easy fix and since modern plastics provide dentures that are a little more comfortable and technology allows for a precise fitting of dentures in each patient's mouth, unfortunately patients still complain from denture pain.

Some people have a full set of dentures which includes the lower and upper dentures. Unfortunately lower dentures never fit properly or feel like natural teeth. They become loose fitting over time due to shrinkage of the gum tissue which in turn causes irritation to the mouth, sores and pain. They restrict your ability to chew the way you did before making it difficult to eat and can move around when you talk. This leads people to use dental adhesive to improve the fit which can end up being messy. Because of the suction in the roof of the mouth, upper dentures tend to stay in place easier than the lower. With the suction comes the covering of the palate which may interfere with the taste of food. Upper dentures can still cause sores due to shrinking gum tissue and eventually people use dental adhesive on the upper as well.

Removable partial dentures might be used when only several teeth are missing. A partial denture anchors to the teeth on either side of the empty area using a metal clasp. This can be very damaging to these teeth. Removable partial dentures can also be hard on the gum tissue when chewing and talking.

The advantage of upper and lower dentures is that they can be constructed quickly and they initially cost less than implants. They may last a lifetime, but over the years with aging, new sets need to be made to fit the changing gum tissue and chewing surfaces of the teeth in the dentures. The dentist can give a thorough exam and an overview of what the best choice is for the patient.

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