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Natural Skincare - A Buying Guide for Men and Women

Nicole Minor

Natural skincare products are becoming more and more popular with consumers, both men and women, because of the health benefits derived from using organic products. If you buy organic food at the grocery store, why not buy natural skincare products too? Here are some tips for buying organic skincare products, whether you’re male or female. Why Choose Natural Skincare? Many people are first led to natural skincare products because they have a skin ailment like eczema or acne and want to use organic products. All skin types, however, will benefit from using a natural skincare line of products because they aren’t made with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, artificial preservatives and fragrances, parabens. In addition, most aren’t animal tested. However, not all skincare products labeled “natural” are equal. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many regulations for calling a product natural as there are organic. Therefore, when researching natural acne skincare products, for instance, read the company’s mission statement and carefully examine their ingredients list. Truly organic, natural skincare companies will clearly state that their products are chemical and additive free. What Type of Natural Ingredients to Look For Natural acne skincare and natural skincare products should clearly list all ingredients (not just the active ones) on their product labels so you can be completely informed about what you’ll potentially put on your skin. The natural ingredients included in the skincare products should help your skin retain moisture, but also balance hydration so that your skin won’t feel too dry or oily. Other benefits should be antioxidants, which help fight free radicals that cause premature aging signs to appear on the skin and that also nourish the skin. Natural skincare products should also reduce irritation, particularly natural acne skincare, and soothe skin so it looks rejuvenated. What to Look for in a Natural Skincare Company When you’re looking at a natural skincare company and their products, you should read the “about us” page and take some time to read and think about their skincare philosophy. Do they advocate high-quality, natural ingredients? Do they have a page that describes the benefits of all their ingredients? These are positive signs that the company takes natural skincare seriously. Do they offer a wide range of natural skincare products, or do they have a few, one size fits all product line? Do they offer natural acne skincare and eczema skincare, as well as skincare products for men and women? Men can often use many of the natural skincare products available for women, especially since most don’t have a significant fragrance. Carefully read the label and determine which products will best suit your skin type, and read whether the product has a feminine fragrance that might not suit a man. Women should also keep in mind their skin type and what skin problems need to be addressed. For example, are you interested in anti-aging properties or do you just want a solution for your extremely dry skin? As long as you identify your skincare goals, both men and women will benefit from natural skincare products, provided you take the time to read about the company and don’t just purchase the first products you see that feature “natural” in its product description.

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