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Cleansing liver of toxins

by: Anonymous

Question : I'M planning to start up a detoxification programme as I've been eating out a lot and often have to hang out with smokers for business purposes. I often have a bloated stomach and suffer from fatigue.
Answer : OF course it is best to avoid situations in which you usually have to drink or sit with smokers. But since most of the time we do not have a choice, a detoxification programme will be beneficial. There are various ways you could detox and set your body systems right again. It could be done herbally, with fruit and vegetable cocktails, nutritional supplements or through hydrotherapy.
Supplementing your diet with milk thistle and dandelion may be helpful in your detoxification programme. These herbs have the ability to regenerate new liver cells through protein synthesis and repair damage. It can also help eliminate toxins and protect the liver.
Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that the herb milk thistle improves liver function by cleansing the liver of dangerous toxins, as well as stimulating the formation of new liver cells. The herb dandelion enhances the flow of bile and thus dramatically improves conditions such as bile duct inflammation, liver congestion and gallstones.
Since you are exposed to cigarette smoke, you should eat more fruits and vegetables that contain lots of antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc and alpha lipoic acid.
Spirulina also helps the body to eliminate heavy metals from the bloodstream, strengthen the immune system and improve gastrointestinal and digestive health. Most notably, spirulina is 65-71 per cent complete protein, with all essential amino acids and other nutrients in perfect balance.
Improve digestion and digestive health with probiotics and digestive enzymes. Recent clinical studies have shown that probiotics have potential in the treatment of clinical conditions as well as the management of early allergic diseases by reinforcing gut mucosal barrier functions and inhibiting the growth of many harmful bacteria.

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