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How to get rid of neck and shoulder pain

by: Anonymous

Question : I HAVE been suffering from pain around my neck, shoulder and lower back. I tried simple stretching movements and avoided sleeping on pillows, yet this pain never goes away.
Answer : YOUR head and neck region is vulnerable to many different types of stress. One of the most common causes of neck pain, and sometimes headaches, is bad posture which can cause misalignment of your neck, head, and spine.
Keep your neck in a neutral position whenever possible. In other words, don't bend or hunch your neck forward for long periods. Try not to sit in one position for a long time.
Your sleeping position is another possible source of neck problems. You may want to invest in a new pillow. Feather pillows are generally preferable to foam; they conform easily to the shape of the neck. Pillows that are too high will cause you to sleep with your neck at an angle. A bed that doesn't offer enough back support can also be a source of neck discomfort.
Calcium and magnesium deficiencies may also cause neck stiffness and pain as they can result in spasms of blood vessels. Thus a high calcium and magnesium intake is highly recommended. Food like milk, soymilk, salmon, green leafy vegetables and legumes and a calcium and magnesium supplement should also be incorporated into your diet.
Here are exercises that might help:
Relax your arms at your sides and gently roll your head from left to right for several times. Feel the stretch in your neck muscles. Relax and repeat five to 10 times.

Relax your arms and gently roll both shoulders in circular motion. Feel the stretch as you move. Repeat five to 10 times

Stand in a normal, relaxed posture, then pretend that a string pulling you straight up from the top of your head. Feel the stretch in your neck and spine. Relax and repeat five to 10 times.

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