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Newborn itch

by: Anonymous

Question : MY child constantly suffers from itchy skin. I've brought her to the doctor, who told me that she has sensitive skin. Do I need to use special soap for her, and are there any creams I can use for this problem?
Answer : If your child's skin is sensitive, don't use soaps or creams containing unnecessary fragrance or coloring. Several types of toiletries specially for children are available on the market. Try using soap with the word "hypoallergenic" on the packaging, as the formulation of these soaps is proven not to cause allergies.
Your child's dry skin will become itchy. This condition is caused by eczema or allergies. Dry skin needs to have moisturizer, such as aqueous cream, applied to it. This cream can also be used as a soap substitute if other soaps cause the skin to break out even more. When your child's skin looks red, the doctor may prescribe a steroid cream to reduce the inflammation until the condition improves. Steroid creams may only be used for a short time, and only under close observation by a dermatologist or pediatrician.
Itching may also be caused by allergies to certain foods. Does the itching occur more severely at certain times of day, or after your child eats certain types of food? All these factors should be observed for the sake of your child's comfort so that if there is an allergy or other health problem, it doesn't continue. It's best for babies to be breastfed from birth in order to prevent skin rashes from allergies.

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