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Causes of failure to menstruate

by: Anonymous

Question : I HAVE had no menstruation for two years since I came to Melbourne to further my studies. In the first year, I was homesick, coping with studies, stress and a new environment. In the second year, I went on a diet.
Answer : THE absence of menstruation in a woman during the usual menstruating years for more than six months is called amenorrhea. This can be the symptom of another condition. You should consult a specialist.
Most cases of primary amenorrhea can be traced to a hormonal imbalance or malnutrition. Less commonly, the failure to menstruate is due to genetic or structural abnormalities, such as the absence of a uterus. Secondary amenorrhea often develops during strenuous dieting for weight loss.
It is one of the hallmarks of anorexia nervosa, a serious eating disorder. Other precipitating factors include stress, over-exer- cising, the use of oral contraceptives and other medications, extreme obesity, hormonal disorders and tumours.
Evening primrose oil is a hormone-balancing nutrient to help regulate the oestrogen and progesterone levels. It has been proven to be effective in regulating the hormone levels as it supplies the body with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which will then be converted to beneficial prostaglandins.
Stress can sometimes lead to amenorrhea. The oestrogen levels are in the lower range and often ovulation does not occur. Have enough rest and learn to manage stress wisely. Yoga, meditation and prayer may help you cope better with stress. Exercise regularly but not too strenuously as it may interfere with the hormones.

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