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Pain from ingrown toenails

by: Anonymous

Question : MY toenails keep growing downward and they hurt. How can I overcome this problem?

Answer : YOU may be having ingrown nails. They occur when a portion of a nail on either side of the toe turns downward and presses into the skin.

When the border of the nail is turned downwards, it begins to injure the skin. When this occurs, patients usually feel pressure and eventually pain, as the hard and sharp edge creates further injury. If an infection develops, the pain becomes intolerable.

Ingrown nails can occur when you routinely cut the nails improperly, down at an angle instead of straight across. Wearing narrow or pointed shoes can apply enough pressure to a normal nail and turn the edge of the nail downward.

Cut your toenails straight across so that the corners are visible. Wear proper and comfortable shoes. Shoes that apply pressure to the toes can increase the pain.

Zinc is essential for general growth and proper development of the healthy hair and nails, Vitamin C can be taken together for synergistic effects.

If an infection occurs, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics. In addition, you may supplement with friendly bacteria (probiotics).

Probiotics are concentrated sources of friendly bacteria that help boost your immune system, prevent infection and restore your gut microflora after antibiotics therapy.

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