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The Benefits of Ocean Water

by: Hana R Solomon, MD

The Natural Wonders of Salt Water

I sat in an audience of physicians, listening to an ear, nose and throat surgeon as he reviewed his favorite sinus surgery techniques. This well respected doctor was educating family physicians and pediatricians about when and how to refer patients to him for invasive sinus surgery. Of course, he summarized which medications to try first, when to refer patients for allergy shots and finally, when he believed it was time to go 'under the knife'. His take on allergies, which often leads to chronic sinus issues, was to treat with prescription medications and then ‘surgerize’ the area. Once in the surgery suite, he would irrigate the sinuses because as he said, ‘Dilution is the solution to pollution’.

Sitting there, listening to him describe surgeries we’d all like to avoid, I asked myself: Why not irrigate the diseased area before one seeks the surgeon or the surgery? Why not wash at the first sign of discomfort? Why not wash the body’s filter daily to prevent illness?

I am a physician, but I am also a mother and a person with common sense. This surgeon and I actually agree: The solution to pollution is dilution. If a hand is dirty, one dilutes with water. The solution was dilution. An infected wound is first approached with washing. Dehydration is treated with fluid dilution. There, one is healed!

We know that often just washing with ocean water will prevent a secondary infection. Why? The salt! We need to dilute first, and then add the correct balance of salt mixture. For the nose, this has four important benefits: First, hypertonic buffered saline will thin thickened secretions, making it easier to remove the snot. Next, it will shrink swollen membranes; congested membranes often lead to infection in the ears and sinuses. Thirdly, this mixture will REMOVE 80% of the allergens, the particles which cause allergies in the first place! Finally, it will improve the filtering mechanism of the nose, naturally.

We have known for centuries that salt will inhibit bacterial overgrowth as well as fungal infections. Our grandmothers would often sniff salt water at the first sign of congestion. They too were mothers with common sense. Enough salt will preserve food for years. Without salt in our bodies, we would faint due to low blood pressure and we would lack energy during crisis. Salt is truly a wonder drug!

After 20 years of medical practice and listening to my patients, I patented the perfect nose wash bottle: Nasopure. This ergonomically designed bottle gives everyone the ability to irrigate the nasal areas quickly, easily, safely, and almost anywhere. It is akin to sending your nose for a quick swim but not having to change into a bathing suit.

The Nasopure salt packets are similar to pure ocean water which is saltier than the body. Salt water, like the ocean, has numerous health benefits. Anyone who has enjoyed an ocean swim knows this refreshing feeling. Nasopure salt has additional buffering which makes it less acidic and decreases the sting. Like ocean salt water, natural washing can be available anywhere, anytime through the wonders of Nasopure.

Surgery can be miraculous when it’s really needed, but it should be considered the last resort. Why not try to avoid it? Let Nasopure help you stay healthy, breathe clearly and feel good without the risks or the side effects of medications or surgery.
Dilution is the solution to pollution!

BeWell, Dr Hana

Hana R Solomon, MD copyright June 2006

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