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Weak immune system the cause

by: Anonymous

Question : I NOTICED that my right tonsil is enlarged and has white patches on it. I was prescribed three courses of antibiotics and some gargling solution. I have not experienced any fever or sore throat. Should I remove my tonsil?
Answer : WHEN the tonsils are repeatedly infected, they become enlarged. Enlarged tonsils are not the causes of infections -- they are the result of a poor immune system. Removal of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) therefore cannot be the solution to this problem. The two primary reasons for tonsil removal are:
1. Recurrent infection despite antibiotic therapy
2. Difficulty in breathing due to enlarged tonsils. If your symptoms persist, consult a doctor immediately.
Tonsillitis, enlarged tonsils and tonsil infections are usually caused by bacterial or virus infection. Bacterial infection of the tonsils, especially those caused by streptococcus, is usually treated with antibiotics. You may incorporate probiotics into your diet. Clinical studies have shown that friendly bacteria lactobaccilus and bifidobacteria help restore the microflora balance in the body and thus boost your immune system.
Supplementing with allicin may also be beneficial. Allicin is able to penetrate microorganisms cell walls, upset their biochemical balance and impede their activity.
Salt-water gargles, increased fluid intake, anti-inflammatory medications and rest can help lessen the severity of your symptoms. High consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamins may be helpful, too.

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