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How Do I Increase My Sperm Count Naturally?

Jeramey Thompson

It is important for men to have adequate sperm count to conceive children. In addition, it can boost the male's sexual confidence which is necessary for successful intimate relationships. Nowadays, many men suffer from the inability to fertilize the female egg due to inadequate sperm. Moreover, it is considered that a normal male delivers more than 25 million sperm per ejaculation. Furthermore, it is essential that the pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland should work efficiently to increase sperm. Besides, low sperm count is the leading cause of male infertility. So, it is important that a male should follow some tips to increase sperm count.

1. Avoid wearing tight clothing as it can increase the temperature of nether regions. In addition, it can affect the blood flow to reproductive organs, and reduce the production of sperm.

2. It is also necessary to avoid alcohol since it can cause hormonal imbalance. In addition, alcohol can reduce the production of testosterones which is a necessary hormone for healthier sperm production.

3. Also avoid habit of smoking to increase sperm because, it can affect the blood circulation throughout the body. In particular, it can reduce the blood towards reproductive system.

4. Malnutrition is prime reason for sexual disorders. So, it is important to eat foods that are rich in vitamins, and minerals. In particular, increase intake of foods that are rich in selenium, zinc, folate, amino acids. For instance, nuts, celery, beans, and broccoli are beneficial to increase sperm count.

5. Caffeine based drinks are particularly infamous for affecting the sperm production. Also, carbonated beverages can reduce the sperm production.

6. Maintaining right body weight is very essential to increase sperm count. In addition, obesity is a leading cause for male infertility. Besides, obesity reduces the male's reproductive ability.

7. Emotional stress can affect the efficiency of hypothalamus gland and pituitary gland, which can change the sperm morphology. In additional, it is common to diagnose low sperm count in the mentally stresses male's body since stressed mind reduces the overall efficiency of the body. And, the same supplies to the production of the sperm.

8. Habit of regular exercising is likely to increase sperm count since it can increase the efficiency of pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland. In addition, exercise helps to maintain the overall health of the reproductive system. Also, it can rectify the hormonal imbalance. Besides, exercising is essential for overall health of the body, and to stay in shape.

However, the mentioned tips are indeed very helpful to increase sperm count. But, herbal supplements can boost the production of sperm without causing any side effects. Moreover, Musli Strong and Nightfire capsules are efficient in boosting the sperm count by improving the overall health of the reproductive organs. In addition, the ingredients of these supplements are potent herbs that can improve the vigor and vitality of a male so that he can perform better in bed. Finally, Nightfire capsules and Musli strong are the herbal supplements that can help a male to overcome every sexual difficulty.

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