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Diabetes: Warning! The Diabetic Supplement You Take Today May End Up In The City’s Sewer System Tomorro  Previous Next

Warning! The Diabetic Supplement You Take Today May End Up In The City’s Sewer System Tomorro

by: Dave Perry

August 19, 2006, Chicago, Illinois. Indeed, the City of Tacoma, Washington removes over 250,000 pounds of vitamin and mineral pills and tablets from its sewers – every 6 months. And much of these vitamins went right through YOU. Most cites throughout the United States report similar clogging problems. The reason is many medical supplements that you buy today, including chromium for diabetes, aren’t readily absorbed into your system. That’s too bad. Clinical studies have proven chromium can help those with Pre or Type 2 diabetic symptoms to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. According to Richard Anderson, PhD, U.S. Department of Agriculture, chromium is a critical mineral that potentiates insulin, a hormone that influences carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. “There is a widespread tendency toward increased consumption of highly processed foods, such as refined sugar (mainly from soda), which is not only low in chromium but also stimulates chromium losses.” Chromium supplementation restores the mineral depletion and has been shown to have an impact on blood sugar and, additionally, weight loss – a double benefit to counter the effects of heavy high fructose corn syrup-sweetened soda consumption trends. But what good is it if your body doesn’t accept it? Recent comparative studies ( have shown a dramatic difference in the type of chromium used to more effectively counter chromium depletion and weight gain. The clinical study compared three chromium types: chromemate, chromium chloride and chromium picolinate. Of the three, chromemate was found to be absorbed 600% greater than chromium chloride and 300% greater than chromium picolinate. The better the absorption rate or bioavailability, the greater the benefit in helping to promote healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss. Pre and Type 2 diabetics who seek supplemental help should consider the chromium type most readily accepted by their system, instead of clogging the sewer system. About Proven Results Health Proven Results Health is a Chicago-based, leading provider of all natural, clinically-proven supplements for Diabetics, that promote healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss.

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