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Top 10 Diabetic Supplements Offer A Hungarian Stew Of Ingredients and Prevention Effectiveness

by: Dave Perry

August 23, 2006, Chicago, Illinois. Google the Internet with the phrase “diabetic supplements” and you’ll be overwhelmed. There are thousands of products with thousands of claims – many of them slipping through a crack in U.S. Food and Drug Administration scrutiny of fraud advertising. So how does a typical consumer, lacking an 8-year John Hopkins medical degree, separate legitimate diabetic supplement manufacturers from those just a step ahead of the sheriff? Let’s look at the most popular supplements and see if we can find a solution that will help you. Starting with the Top 10 diabetic supplement products (we make no judgment about the validity of individual product claims), you’ll find a set of ingredients fit for Hungarian stew from the old neighborhood. 41 herbs, minerals, vitamins and mystery meat elements including Licorice Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Guggle, Juniper berries, Turmeric, Zingiber and Prickly Pear make an appearance on this popular brand list. Wade through the Huckleberries, Reishi mushrooms, and unnatural-sounding vitamins (such as Constitutional hydotheraphy), and you’ll find one ingredient shows up most often – chromium. Of the Top 10 brands, 8 contain this essential trace mineral, because it’s been documented, in clinical studies, to help reduce blood glucose levels, useful for people afflicted with Pre-diabetic and Type 2 conditions. So all you have to do is pick a diabetic supplement from this list with chromium, right? Wrong! Within these 8 Top 10 brands, you’ll find an equal disparity in chromium effectiveness, making some highly beneficial and others virtually impotent. Take a closer look. Of the most commonly used chromium forms (including chromium picolinate, chromium chloride, chromium acetate and chromium nicotinic) one is proven to be most effective. Chromemate has been documented, in clinical studies conducted at various medical centers, to be 300-600% more bioactive or bioavailable, meaning it gets to the problem area and is readily absorbed. Among the 8 Top Ten brands using chromium, the most effective, by far, contain chromemate. So all you have to do is choose a brand with chromemate, right? Wrong again! To save costs, manufacturers vary the degree of chromemate purity and dosage level making some highly effective, some as worthless as sugar pills. So based on a study of the Top 10 supplements, the best advice is to find a product containing chromemate in a purity level and dosage that matches those used in clinical studies.

About Proven Results Health Proven Results Health is a leading provider of Clinically Proven, all natural supplements for Diabetics, that promote Diabetic weight loss and healthy blood sugar levels. For a free 220 page downloadable diet and exercise book, Live Longer Now: The First 100 Years of Your Life, please visit the company’s web site. Contact: Dave Perry, Perry Marketing Communications Tel: 312.401.1882 E-mail:

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