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Survey of 7,000 Diabetics Finds Supplements Improve Health

by: Dave Perry

Survey of 7,000 Diabetics Finds Supplements Improve Health
By Dave Perry

Chromium found to be key ingredient in most diabetic respondents’ claims of “better health”

Chicago, Illinois, August 26, 2006. A recently released report called The Study of Dietary Supplement Use Among People With Diabetes, conducted with 7,000 diabetics nationwide, found that those with Type 2 diabetes taking supplements reported better health than diabetics not taking them.

Diabetics report better health with supplements
Respondents stated that those taking supplemental medicine rated their own physical condition considerably higher, than those not taking alternative health products.

And among those noting higher health scores, the supplement of choice most often contained chromium.

According to Kerrin Rourke and Sonia Caltvedt, (“Consumers Turning To Natural Supplements to Prevent Type II Diabetes”, Natural Products Insider, May 29, 2006),
there’s a good reason:

“Chromium is by far the most important mineral for anyone dealing with blood sugar issues. It has the ability to increase the cell’s sensitivity to insulin, which is key in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels…it’s common for diabetics to be deficient in this vital trace mineral.”

Chromium Supplements Overcome Poor Diets
Richard Anderson, a leading researcher for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center, notes that the reason for this deficiency is directly related to the American diet:

“There is a widespread tendency towards increased consumption of highly processed foods such as refined sugar, which is not only low in chromium, but also stimulates chromium losses.”

But it’s incorrect to assume that all chromium supplements are equally effective in reducing the impact of chromium depleting foods.

In fact, chromium supplement effectiveness varies greatly, not only from type to type but from brand to brand.

Study Highlights “Most Effective Chromium Supplements”

A recent human study, conducted at the University of California Davis found that of the four most commonly used types of chromium (chromium nicotinate, picolinate, acetate and chloride) there is a wide range of bioavailability, or the ability of your system to absorb the active ingredient (versus it passing straight through the system).

For example chromemate or chromium nicotinate was found to be more bioavailable by 300-600% compare to other chromium types.

Additionally, even if manufacturers of the more effective chromium type all use this, there is a varying degree of purity, and dosage levels.

This can make the difference between a product working or having a mere placebo effect (consumers are urged to look for the USP (United States Pharmacopeia and NF symbols, found on packaging, that helps identify products that conform to stated active ingredient amounts).

Diabetics considering taking supplements to achieve their own level of “better health” are advised to do some research on available brands, their ingredients and degree of ‘integrity’, in order to get the best results.

About Proven Results Health (Diab-X)
Proven Results Health is a Chicago-based, leading provider of all natural, clinically-proven supplements that promote healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss. Free eBook on site.

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