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Los Angeles Cataracts Surgeons - Benefits of Lasik surgery – the cutting edge of technology!

by: Dr. Robert Maloney

The popularity of LASIK surgery is fast-growing. In Los Angeles LASIK is the radically miraculous alternative to contact lenses and glasses. Aside from the rare complications, the benefits of Lasik surgery are endless. When contact lenses or glasses become more inconvenient and expensive, Lasik may be the answer for you.

One of the main concerns regarding LASIK Los Angeles surgery is the cost of the procedure. Consider this; the average adult will experience the gradual deterioration of their eyesight after the age of 20. It is often necessary to get a new prescription every year, adding to the overall cumbersome expenses for contact lenses and glasses.

Within one year, the typical cost of contact lenses is $200-$300, not including the expenditures for examinations and contact solution. This may vary depending on your area, however, these costs often average more than glasses.For those who find contacts to be very uncomfortable, glasses may be the preferred alternative. The average cost for the most basic frames and lenses may come out to $100 AU or over $500 AU and beyond with more expensive frames. In Los Angeles LASIK Surgeons have been known to save clients thousands on the expenses normally used to pay for contacts or glasses.

There are also limitations with contacts and glasses. Sterilization is required for contact lenses to prevent infections and uncomfortable irritations. Many people find that contacts are too uncomfortable to wear. For older people developing cataracts, contacts are no longer an option, whereas Los Angeles Cataracts Surgeons can perform surgery to reduce the growth and severity of these obstructions. Glasses provide a limited range of clear sight and peripheral vision. They are also inconvenient when playing sports and fog up during temperature changes. LASIK surgery eliminates all of these challenging issues associated with wearing contacts and glasses. Imagine clear sight 24 hours a day with no hassle of removing contacts and taking care of glasses.

Dr. Robert Maloney ABC's extreme makeover doctor, performed over 50,000 lasik surgery. Los angeles best laser eye center, voted top 10 in USA. For more details visit us:Los Angeles Cataracts Surgeons.

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