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The Rich and Famous Feel Your Diabetic Pain

by: Dave Perry

The Rich and Famous Feel Your Diabetic Pain
By Dave Perry

Celebrities, Like Flounder, Aren’t Immune From The Challenges Of Type 2 Diabetes

Chicago, Illinois; August 29, 2006. Turn on your television set and you’ll see celebrity spokespersons B.B.King, Patti LaBelle and Wilfred Brimley, gracefully talking about their diabetic lives and how to take control of them.

And most people have heard that the long list of celebrity diabetes sufferers includes such luminaries as Larry King, Elizabeth Taylor, Miles Davis, Jack Benny, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Jerry (‘The Beaver’) Mathers, Halle Berry, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, even Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee.

But did you know “Flounder” is also on the Type 2 list?

That’s right. Stephen Furst, who played the role of the floundering frat boy in Animal House, warned by Dean Wermer that “That’s no way to go through life, son”, finally saw the light and addressed his diabetes.

The Flounder weighed in at 5’10” and 320 pounds, due to a plate after plate diet of all-you-can-eat ribs at Moorpark’s Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill.

“I was in the hospital because they were thinking of amputating my left foot, which was a complication of my diabetes. I was placed on a strict diabetic diet. I asked the nurse for the Yellow Pages and I called out to have Chinese food delivered to my hospital room. I got caught and am glad I did.

Despite a warning from his doctor that he was “committing slow suicide”, he continued his eating ways.

I sat, I ate, I grew”, Furst relates in his book, Confessions of a Couch Potato.

“I felt different from everyone else – like an alien. The looks I received when I was 320 pounds were ones usually reserved for three-eyed monsters, half-man, half-woman reptiles, creatures with hideous rolls of skin that sweated profusely and giggled when they walked.”

But the near-amputation experience was an epiphany. Now 52 years old, Flouder scaled back from 320 to 175 pounds, wrote his inspirational book and is a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association.

He cut the fats and carbs from his diet. Drink a lot of coffee and soup. As a result, he lost 2 pounds a week for a year. In addition to diet changes, he spends a ½ an hour per day on the Stairmaster, and lifts weights.

He also wears an inspirational bracelet with the prayer, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Now that’s the way to go through life, son.

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