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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Terrance Lile (Uncle Terry)

If you have one stick of gum and receive another stick of gum from Tina, how many sticks of gum do you have? Does their sum equal the enjoyment of two sticks of gum? Yes. Now, if you have one wife and steal your best friend’s wife does their sum equal the enjoyment of two wives? No. Sticks of gum, apples, oranges and wives, cannot be compared. Grade school should have taught us that monogamy is the best path to a successful relationship. In today’s society though we seem to want more and more and more.

Imagine the life of a polygamist where one wife cooks, while the other cleans. Picture having your back, and feet massaged at the same time. It’s a great fantasy isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have two gals fierce in bed and be able to send one home to her mother when you needed a break? Well, it’s time for a wake up call! This is a FANTASY!!! Realistically, one wife would be screaming at you to set the table, while the other complains about the mess. Who cares about your back? Not only will you have to massage two backs, you’ll have to do their stinky feet afterwards. Let’s be honest, if your wives are okay with the arrangement, they are probably sluts. This would mean that they are definitely NOT, “take home” material.

Guys and gals, stop fooling yourselves. Get over your large egos and “player” attitudes. Finding someone you love brings you the greatest pleasure in the world. The trust that the two of you share is bigger than any menageatrois, or other multi-sexual connection one could ever have. We all get a little jealous now and again, but with trust in a relationship we are able to take a deep breath. As a couple, you work together to improve each other as people. For a single person to make a decision is difficult. Adding a second opinion can lead that person on the right path in executing the best choice. Throwing a third person in the mix can lead to cloudy judgment and worst of all, doubt.

When one is not fully committed to another, what is stopping them from sleeping with Heather or Jon down the street? If someone is not committed to you, make sure you are tested frequently for STD’s. You never know what your partners are gathering. When going to a buffet, sometimes you are hesitant getting certain food. Did you get the point?

If you ignore everything else, take this single fact to heart: having more significant others leads to way more work. This isn’t a Double mint Gum commercial where you can argue that two girls are twice the fun. There’s only so much time in a day so if, Time = Wife, and Wife = Fun/Work, then Time = Fun/Work. Since Time is a constant let’s take a look and see what happens when we have two wives. (2) Wife = (2) (Fun/Work), therefore Time = (2) Fun / (2) Work. Then (2) Work*Time = (2) Fun, simply divide and… ok screw this. You’ll be working all day to please your mate(s), no matter how many you have. If quality time is divided between two or more lovers, that’s only a fraction of love. Who wants only a fraction of lovin’?

If for some reason you desire relations with someone else, perhaps you shouldn’t be married. Marriage is about the bond between two people who are in love, not three, or four. Toss your apples and oranges out the window. Stay focused on a single big picture; your one true love. Besides, if your friend finds out you took his wife, he’s going to be pissed.

Author Terrance Lile brings you Ask Uncle Terry, one of the newest, fastest growing sexual education sites on the web. Unlike anything else, the site has blended information for the enjoyment of great sex, while at the same time encouraging abstinence until in a committed relationship. The site uses humor and cartoon-like images to make its point. If you are looking for x-rated stuff you will not find it here. Still, it is crammed full of sexuality information that is sure to give you a lift.

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