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"High Fashion for Walking Canes"

by: Betty Starkey

“High Fashion for Walking Canes”

Walking Cane's have been around for centuries giving mobility aid where needed. The old “medicinal looking” canes of yesteryear have given way to a new line of upscale, fashion canes. The unique designs of today’s modern aids give prestige and esteem to this unique group of walking cane users. The various designed handles, range from a smooth lacquered wood to molded plastic. The orthopedic Palm Grip has been a lifesaver for those with arthritis. The unique curve of the handle allows most of the person's weight to be distributed over the palm and shaft rather than fingers. These unique canes use to be rather clumsy and "boring," but not any more. One can find these beautiful "friends" in "Champagne, Midnight Black, and Marbleized" and the list goes on and on.
The Folding Cane has given so much freedom to today's users. The vibrant "today's" colors include such selections as Lilac, Wildflower, Splash and Rainbow. These helpful aids fold into a neat little package of approximately 11". The new “mini-folding” adjustable canes are very popular as they fold to only 8-1/2” and come complete with their own wrist strap, plaid zippered carrying bag (looks like a makeup bag), and rubber tip. With a weight capacity of 250 lbs, plus five new floral designs, the mini-folding is a very popular item. They fit snugly in a suitcase, purse, backpack and a zillion other places. NO longer must one choose from just "Black or boring Silver." Gratefully, cane users can find every color imaginable with today’s fashion canes

In the past, Men and Women's canes have been segregated into "masculine" and "feminine." Not any more! With such a variety of stylish choices, many canes are unisex. These new designs and colors are what we like to call, “fashion accessories” but useful and needed mobility aids as well. Men’s walking canes have also seen a drastic change in style. The new “Hercules” and other heavy duty walking canes have seen many changes. Many of the new wood canes have a weight capacity of 500 lbs, and are 44” long. The “extra tall” men finally have a great supporting cane that is tall enough so bending over is eliminated. With hundreds of styles, colors and patterns, we salute the manufacturers for finally giving a long needed “fashion walking cane” for everyone.

You may see a full line of designer walking canes at
The Walking Cane Store.

Author: Betty Starkey The Walking Cane Store Loveland, CO 80539 (888) 869-6250 toll-free

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