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Generic Viagra-the great money-saver

by: Conroy Dunham


If price has been stopping you from improving your sex life it is time you consider Generic Viagra. What is it that should take you a step ahead in the world of a smart consumer? Generic Viagra of course!

The price factor

Buying Generic drugs online is perhaps the smartest choice of a rational consumer of today seeking help to cure ED problems. Generic Viagra is no way inferior in quality as Viagra as it goes through the same FDA regulation and procedural quality control, just the way branded version goes. Let’s see how these drugs have evolved in today’s world of medicine.

Patents on top-selling brands like Viagra expire faster than the pharmaceutical industry can think of. This naturally stops the industry from churning out huge profits and they gradually lose out in the generic competition. So drug-makers and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers resort to selling the generic versions minus incurring the promotional costs. In return, consumers who buy online generic Viagra stay happy and save money.

Consider this when you buy cheap generic Viagra online

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) certifies pharmacies selling drugs online. These pharmacies ensure quality and safety. This is a sure way of saving yourself from buying fake drugs like Generic Viagra online. The pharmacies certified by NABP meet state licensing and inspection standards. They are also known as Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPSTM) certified online pharmacy. So, the next time you purchase Viagra or Generic Viagra, make sure you have checked the credentials of the online pharmacy.

Guidelines for buying Generic Viagra online

• Don’t buy from a site that offers an online diagnosis in place of a face-to-face meeting with a physician. You should always get a written prescription first
• Don’t use a Web site that is afraid to list its address. It may be based in a country that does not have the same standards to ensure safety and efficacy as in the U.S.
• Only buy from a site that gives a US street address and a telephone number
• Only buy from a VIPPS certified online pharmacy


• The functions and benefits of Generic Viagra is much like its elder sister, Viagra. However, the possible side effects are also likely to be similar, like facial flushing, mild headache, temporary changes in color vision, erection for long hours, and so on. These are just the normal effects of the medicine and there is no reason to panic at all. Hence, a doctor’s consultation is mostly needed when you consider buying Generic Viagra. Remember, its your health that we are talking about here!

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