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Propecia – Avoid male pattern baldness

by: Olivia Andrews

Do you think that a bald looks beautiful? The answer should be no because nature has given hundred thousands to one hundred fifty thousands hair on the head of a normal human being. Now days, there is an increase in the number of people who complains that they face loss of hair due to different factors.

There are also different types of baldness and the related remedy differs in each case. Male pattern baldness is the most common amongst different types of baldness and is known as alopecia. The main characteristic of such type of baldness is that remaining hair on the head acquires shape of ‘M’ and they become very thin.

Propecia prescription hair loss medication is designed mainly for men who suffer from mild to moderate hair loss. The effects of hair loss and propecia were studied in several clinical trials, and propecia was found to be better than a placebo. However, studies have shown that this drug is ineffective amongst women and has associated dangers of abnormalities to the male fetus. This is the reason that propecia is not recommended for female pattern hair baldness.

How propecia works?
Propecia works whereby it interferes with the process of androgenetic hair loss which usually follows this process:
1. High levels of an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reeducates occur in cells of the hair follicle.
2. This enzyme converts testosterone into DHT.
3. DHT causes miniaturization of robust terminal hairs.
4. This results in fine, soft vellus hairs that provide limited scalp coverage.
5. The growth phase gradually shortens until these hairs are lost permanently.
Propecia inhibits the formation of DHT and over a period of several months reduces levels of DHT sufficiently to minimize its effects on the hair follicle.

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