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Safety against Genital Herpes

by: Olivia Andrews

Herpes can be defined as inflammation of the skin or membranes caused due to a virus whereby small blisters or ulcers are formed. This disease is quite widespread amongst people and carries the risk of spreading the disease to any other sexually active partner of the person suffering from the disease.

Person who suffers from this disease is often confused because the symptoms are not recognized early and could be confused with other diseases. Herpes outbreak as sores or blisters and develops thereafter. Common symptoms of herpes include itching, redness, pain during urination, tingling or burning sensation, cuts in genital area and vaginal discharge. Herpes could even spread through direct skin-to-skin contact oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

Antiviral medicines such as acyclovir, fam acyclovir and Val acyclovir help effectively in the treatment of herpes. If you face severe herpes, then painkillers, salt baths, or local anesthesia can even ease up the discomfort. These medicines are advisable in the following situation:

1. If you face severe recurrences – If you have taken a short-term course of the medicine and got reduction in severity of the symptoms then you could be asked to take a supply of medication ready each time the symptoms reoccur.

2. If you face frequent recurrences – You can be asked to take the medicine each day and as such, the frequency and severity are reduced. Typically, the treatment should be carried for 6 to 12 months and repeated if necessary.

3. For special times such as holidays, examinations- Medication can also be advised to avoid recurrence during any special times to have less risk of recurrence.

4. While pregnancy – If a person is pregnant and holds herpes then antiviral medicines could be advised so that it is not passed to the baby.

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