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Generic Lexapro

by: Jatin

What is Generic Lexapro? Generic Lexapro is an anti-depressant medication. Lexapro is widely recognized and prescribed antidepressant medication in the world. Depression hits you emotionally and leaves you with a feeling of dejection. You want to spend time alone, away from people who were once your buddies. You feel as if you are not required, you feel lonely all the time. Even a small statement made against you intentionally or unintentionally, upsets you. You don’t indulge in your day to day activities. You loose interest in almost everything around you.

Anyone can suffer from depression but the more likely candidates are people who are little on emotional side. Some of the common reasons for depression are loss of loved one, divorce, financial loss, embarrassment, injury on the head, major accident etc. The cause of all problems related to depression starts with your brain, anything that mentally disturbs you can lead to depression. There have been reports where colleagues played a practical joke and the victim suffered depression because of the embarrassment.

Lexapro has been tested and certified by government recognized laboratories to be an effective prescription medication for depression. Lexapro enables adults suffering from depression to once again live a happy and enjoyable life. According to three studies presented at the annual meeting of Anxiety Disorder Association of America in 2002, Lexapro is a very effective anxiety disorder medication, providing convincing results to people suffering from anxiety disorders. These studies illustrate that Lexapro is not only capable of reducing symptoms but also improves your condition from various kinds of anxiety disorders.

What is Generic Lexapro? The term generic is given to a medicine which is made of the same chemical composition, strength, safety measures and meets the same pharmacopoeial standard of preparation as its innovator brand. Generic medicines are cheaper than their brand name medicines.

How does Generic Lexapro work? When you take Generic Lexapro, it increases the serotonin level in your brain. Serotonin is an important chemical messenger in the brain.

You should check with your doctor immediately, if you experience depression often. If you experience the below listed symptoms for about twice a week then your depression is quite serious.

Symptoms are:-
Low mood
Loss of weight and appetite
Sleepless nights
Loss of interest in usual activities
Thoughts of suicide etc

Jatin Chawla is a freelance journalist. Jatin writes for offering valuable information on Generic Lexapro.

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