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Breast Enhancement Surgery: Three Decision Making Steps you Should not Leave Out!

by: Sandra Deacon

When thinking about the possibility of having breast enhancement surgery, there are many factors to consider. Some issues to be addressed are more important than others and should not be left out of the decision-making process. Before committing to breast enhancement surgery, do three things: know exactly what the procedure entails, research possible consequences arising from the surgery, and explore other alternatives to surgery that might meet your needs. Be wise, be prepared and informed, that way you will feel good about your decision.

Breast enhancement surgery is a procedure that enlarges the size of breasts, typically using inflatable implants filled with saline, or sometimes silicone gel. The procedure usually begins with a general anesthetic so that the patient is calm and essentially asleep during the operation. However, some surgeons will use a local anesthetic combined with a sedative so that the patient is awake during the procedure but unable to feel any pain. The surgeon will make an incision either in the areola, which is the area surrounding the nipple, or in the armpit. The surgeon determines where to place the incision based on the patient’s anatomy and general body type. Once the incision has been made, the surgeon will create a pocket behind the breast tissue or underneath the chest wall muscle. The implants are then centered beneath the nipples. There are some disadvantages to both areas of implant. If the pocket is created behind the breast tissue, drainage tubes may be used for several days afterwards; however, this method may reduce the potential for capsular contraction. On the other hand, placing the implant behind the muscle can be painful and uncomfortable for several days following the surgery. The entire surgical procedure usually takes one to two hours to complete. As a final measure, stitches are used to close the incisions and many surgeons will tape the area or use a gauze bandage to aid in healing and to provide extra support to the sensitive breasts.

Unfortunately, breast enhancement surgery does entail some risk. Before making a final decision, know what the risks are and prepare yourself for any potential consequences to the surgery. The most common problem with breast enhancement surgery is capsular contraction. This occurs when the scar or capsule around the implant begins to tighten causing significant discomfort. In this situation, the scar tissue can be removed and in some cases, the implant is replaced. Bleeding causing pain and swelling is also a common occurrence after surgery, but if the flow of blood is persistent, there is a problem. In cases of excessive bleeding, another operation is often needed. Other less common complications may develop after surgery such as an infection around the implant, an implant leak or rupture and/or extreme joint pain, swelling, fever and fatigue. In each case, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Now that you know all that the procedure entails and are aware of all possible consequences, it is wise to consider all the alternatives. If you are having optional breast enhancement surgery for the sole purpose of changing your appearance, you should be aware that there are alternatives that can produce similar results. If you have any hesitation concerning permanent surgery, there are all-natural herbal pills that work to tighten the breast tissue, making breasts look firmer and more rounded. Breast enhancement pills may not increase your breasts by several cup sizes, but they can improve their appearance. Also available are breast enhancers that can be easily slipped under the bra to create the illusion of larger breasts. The enhancers are inexpensive and impossible to detect under clothes, and are in no way permanent.

Deciding whether or not breast enhancement surgery is right for you is a big decision. It is a decision that you alone should make. If you take time to consider and weigh all factors, you should feel confident in your decision.

Sandra Deacon is the research consultant for the website: All Natural Breast Enhancement. She is part of a trend of women who seek alternative ways to achieve the body they desire.

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