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The Female Erogenous Zone – A Touch of Magic

Terrance Lile (Uncle Terry)

We all enjoy the sensation of touch, regardless of whether it's sexual or not. Erogenous zones are particular body parts that are highly sensitive to sexual arousal. While the majority of males think that women can orgasm through thrusting alone--or just from the touch of their "manly hand"--this is rarely the truth. Some areas are extremely sensitive and the stimulation of these areas is definitely a precursor for good sex. Locating and stimulating your partner's erogenous zones can be part of the fun of foreplay prior to intercourse, or can even let you please your partner without intercourse being involved.

At, one of the major complaints we hear from women is that they are not being sexually satisfied by their partner. There is an old and wise saying: Women prefer 30-45 minutes of foreplay and men prefer 30-45 seconds of foreplay. Men consider driving back to her place as part of the foreplay. If your man is one of these guys, be sure to slip this article into his lunch bucket or brief case!

That's right, guys: By locating all of the right trigger points, you too will be able to get your woman to stop pretending to orgasm and to do it for real.

Surprisingly, erogenous zones between men and women are quite common. While we do have different genitalia, our nerve endings are similar. Women, for instance, find it very stimulating if you caress their breasts. What most people do not realize is that the nipple is actually very sensitive to touch. Due to the fact that there are hundreds of nerve endings within the areola, it can be extremely exhilarating to lick or touch this area.

While some men jump over the clitoris and pretend it is just there to look pretty, it can actually be one of the most pleasurable organs on a woman. Astonishingly, this small piece of skin is only meant for sexual stimulation. It has no other known function except for tremendous pleasure. For this reason, rubbing your partner's clitoris or applying some sort of touch will drive her crazy. As a result, she could orgasm just from direct clitoral contact. Looking to stimulate the G-spot? When having sex, try touching her clitoris as well. This will heighten every experience.

We all know that the genitalia is a great erogenous spot. However, the parts of the body we pay less attention to can be just as great, and sometimes greater. The neck and ears are very sensitive to stimulate. Kissing, rubbing, or even licking will most likely get your partner going. Still not surprised? Another unusual place for erogenous activity is the head. The scalp is a very popular area, which surprisingly, may get your partner in the mood. This is why we all crave massages when we go to the hair salon. It makes us feel good, and we can never get enough of it.

Your toes are another mood enhancer. Though some people feel this is more of a fetish, the majority of women get shivers down their spine when their feet are rubbed. Whether you like to rub them, lick them, or do some sort of "dirty deed" we don't want to know about, any one of a dozen such activities could end up giving her an orgasm.

When it comes to sexual stimulation, the majority of us pray that we are doing everything right. We stick to the normal guidelines--playing with the genitalia, and maybe sprinkling exotic kisses here and there. Though these are great ideas, the passion, at some point, stops. Try spicing up your bedroom life by adding a few touches to the neck, breasts, areola, ears, navel, wrists, feet, toes, knees, buttocks, labia, clitoris, anus and inner thigh area. It is amazing that such a large part of your body can be so sensual during intimacy with your sweetie. These ideas will certainly alter and enhance every sexual experience you've ever had. Trust us, we've tried them! If you need a little more direction is there to guide you.

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