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Options for Managing Stress

Matthew Keegan

Many individuals don’t realize how a little bit of moderated stress can actually be a good thing or the fact that it helps our bodies cope and deal with the pressures of life. In prehistoric times, stress was the body’s way of telling humans of danger. In order to help cope with the coming threat the heart rate would accelerate, muscles would get tense and the senses would actually heighten. This was definitively vital to our very existence and was a primal defense mechanism. We have stress to thank for survival as strange as it may sound.

Therefore, we shouldn’t manage stress to extinction, rather we should focus on managing stress to a sense of accessibility. Learn to cope with the stressors in ours lives and adapt to the situations betters. It is unhealthy and impossible to eliminate stressors entirely from our life and we don’t want to do it.

Knowing your limitations is the trick to managing stress. Some people can only handle very little doses of stress while other need it to make them sharper and keep them more alert. All of the stress areas in our bodies are affected by the caffeine in the coffee that we drink to “wake up” which causes the same effects in our bodies as stressors. In order to become alert we are sometimes willing to access our stress reactions.

Stressing About Stressors

Finding a happy medium or a healthy way to deal with stressors is part of managing stress. When referring to “stressors” you are meaning anything that causes stress. Our reaction to a stressors has caused some of our greatest moments; consider a time when you found out something about yourself because of the way you reacted to dangerous or tense situations. To cope with stress, many people use their defense mechanisms including humor and nervous fidgetting. Although seemingly not elaborate these are all techniques that actually help relieve the stress within our bodies by distracting our brain from any harmful effects. For More Information How to Control Sress.

A simple matter of keeping in tune with our normal, biological reactions to a stressor and learning to adapt that into healthier behavior can help manage stress. Because it helps in managing stress some people smoke for one example. However, this will likely cause more stress because it is harmful to the body so adapting this technique into something healthier can still have the same effect on our bodies. Find a way to turn your coping ideology into something that is healthier.

Matthew Keegan is expert on Managing Stress.

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