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Finding Good Hair Loss Help

Caitlin Thomas

What is the best source for hair loss help? The Yellow Pages doesn’t have a place where you can simply look up “hair loss doctor”, and someone who specializes in hair loss is hard to find. Constantly people are doing research and looking for better ways to treat hair loss. So when you need hair loss help you should make sure you select someone who is up to date on the most recent research and advances in the field.

The Internet
Educating yourself is the best place to start and the internet is the best place to go for your education. Since hair loss has a lot of new information coming out, the library probably has out of date information.
Make sure your sources are reliable as with any information you get on the internet. A site called “Bob’s Miracle Hair Growth Treatment” should tell you to take the information with a grain of salt. Health education and medical sites are the best places to look for information.

Your Barber or Hairdresser
Those who have training in ways to treat and prevent hair loss are the hair care professionals. To make your hair appear thicker and fuller they will be able to recommend products to you. When you go to get your next haircut you will be surprised at how much hair loss help you can get.

A Trichologist
Many people have never heard of a trichologist. They are a hair care professional with a special training in hair loss treatment. The reason for wanting to talk with one is pretty much self-explanatory.

The Drugstore
The drugstore is a place to find lots of hair loss help. To get some suggestions for products you can talk with the pharmacist and find products to purchase that are specifically made to help hair loss.

Your Primary Health Care Practitioner
For hair loss products that you cannot get on your own you can see your primary care physician or nurse practitioner. The cause of your hair loss can also be diagnosed. To decide if there is an underlying problem causing your hair loss your doctor might order some tests and do a physical exam. Your doctor may then prescribe medications or they may refer you to a specialist once the test results come back.

A Dermatologist
The closest thing to a medical hair care specialist that you can find is a dermatologist. There are not many dermatologists who specialize in hair loss help, but there are a few. You will probably wait several months before getting an appointment and many of them are located near larger population centers. Dermatologists are well trained and even if they don’t offer specialized hair loss help they can still treat most people who are losing their hair.

A Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon
Typically these types of surgeons are plastic surgeons with additional training in hair restoration surgery. Hair transplants is what they perform. You can sometimes get cosmetic and medical hair loss help at complete clinics.

Some detective work is required to find hair loss help. Ask questions and educate yourself. Always talk with someone who can help whether it is a barber, hairdresser or your primary health care provider. Ask around and call a few dermatologists to find what experience they have in treating hair loss. You will find the best hair loss help if you know what you are looking for so you should be your own advocate.

Caitlin Thomas is an expert on Hair Loss Help.

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