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Simple and Clean – Helpful Household Hints to Keep Your Home Fresh

by: Vincent

A fresh, clean house is a pleasure to visit – and more a pleasure to live in – but keeping up on all the chores and work it takes to get it that way could take up all of your time. At least it seems that way. It’s actually far easier than it seems to keep your house fresh and clean all the time. All it takes is thinking simple and clean and organized. Here are some helpful household hints to simplify your cleaning routine and get you into the simple and clean weekly household hold cleaning routine. 1. Declutter once, then Keep it Simple and Clean. It’s easy to collect a whole house full of things that you’ll have to spend time cleaning. A shelf full of knick-knacks, the extra set of china, boxes of books – not only does it all take up space in your house – it all takes your time to clean it! Set aside a weekend to de-clutter your house – and have the whole family pitch in. Clean out closets, sort through old clothes and toys (that includes YOUR toys, mom!) and get rid of anything you don’t use at least once a month. 2. Practice Bare Minimum Cleaning Once you’ve got it clean, establish a household cleaning schedule of what I call ‘bare minimum cleaning’ – the absolute bare minimum you can do to keep your house feeling fresh and clean. Your household cleaning schedule should include both daily and weekly tasks that absolutely NEED to be done. A typical bare minimum cleaning schedule might look like this: Daily Household Maintenance and Cleaning 1. Load and run the dishwasher. 2. Wipe down kitchen counters and food surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner Make the beds – the easy way. Strip it down to the essentials so that all you have to do is shake out a comforter and smooth it. 3. Tidy up the living room – straighten any pillows, get books and personal belongings back where they belong and give the television and tabletops a quick swipe with a dustcloth. 4. Wipe down the bathroom. Just give the sink, fixtures and toilet seat and cover a quick wipe down with a cloth and disinfecting cleaner. 5. Wash and dry and put away one load of laundry. Weekly Household Cleaning Schedule 1. Clean the bathroom. If you’ve been wiping it down all week, it shouldn’t be a major job. There are even some bathroom cleaners that will make your life easier by protecting your sinks, tubs and toilets from mineral buildup and soap scum that attracts dirt. 2. Wash the kitchen and bathroom floors with a one-stop mop and shine cleaner.Strip beds and toss linens in the washer and dryer. While the beds are open, spray the mattresses with a fresh-scented disinfecting spray to cut down on the possibility of mold or dust mites that trigger allergies, asthma and odor. That’s all there is to it – the bare minimums to keep your house simple and clean and clutter-free. Visit

Author Vincent Platania represents the Fuller Brush Company. Fuller Brush has been in business since 1906, and offers safe, environmentally friendly products for keeping your home and your body clean. Visit

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