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Januvia- a sure shot solution for type2 diabetes

by: Julie

For people banging head hard to unearth a breakthrough solution to lower escalating blood sugar scale, there is one steadfast way to keep type2 diabetes in control. It is none other than the proven formulation named Januvia which will come to your rescue when undesired type 2 diabetes knocks your body door. Designed to low down the level of blood sugar, Januvia tablets are easily available by prescription. They lend incredible help in maintaining and improving the levels of insulin produced by human body after the consumption of a meal. It is taken along with exercise and diet.
They decrease blood sugar not only after the intake of a meal but also continue the lowering process in between of the meals. And the strong key point associated with marvelous Januvia tablets is that they do not affect the blood sugar level up to the point of danger called hypoglycemia.
However, people who have type 1 diabetes mellitus or diabetic ketoacidosis must avoid the use of this tablet. Besides, there are few imperative points that should be meticulously weighted down prior to the intake of Januvia. Make you doctor aware of any allergies, kidney problems you have had. And also never forget to mention, if you are pregnant or planning to conceive as the consumption of januvia may result into serious consequences. Though it is still not been verified whether the drug has any negative effect on the health of unborn baby, but do not ignore this fact. Similarly breast feeding women also need to take care while its usage as it is likely that januvia may get absorbed into their milk and thus can affect the health of baby. Last but not the least, also tell your doctor names of the medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements including both prescription and non-prescription ones.
Januvia should be consumed once in a day or as directed by the doctor. As far as the januvia side-effects are related, one can experience upper respiratory infection, headache, runny nose, sore throat, stomach upset and diarrhea while its usage. If all these side-effects prevail for long, consult your doctor immediately.
This is all about the wonderful pill called januvia which will serve you at best when the type 2 diabetes hampers your health.

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