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QuikChIP Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Kits

Stephen Jones

IMGENEX QuikChIP Certified Antibodies The Basics...
The principle of the ChIP assay is simple: selective enrichment of a chromatin fraction containing a specific target. However, the process can be technically challenging. It is with these challenges in mind that IMGENEX developed the QuikChIP Kit for chromatin immunoprecipitation. QuikChIP includes optimized ready-to-use buffers and inhibitory reagents, as well as a comprehensive technical manual.

* Quick & simple
* Optimized ready-to-use buffers & protocol
* Useful for Histone and non-histone proteins

Reagents for 25 ChIP assays and sheared Chromatin preparations

QuikChIP Certified Antibodies

IMGENEX offers a growing number of antibodies that have been validated for use in ChIP assays and we are continually testing and validating new products for use in ChIP. Below is a list of our currently available QuikChIP Certified Antibodies. Be sure to check our website often as we are releasing new antibodies every week!

Sheared Chromatin

IMGENEX QuikChIPâ„¢ Sheared Chromatin is ready-to-use, sheared, cross-linked chromatin prepared from mammalian cell extracts. This novel product enables researchers to carry out ChIP assays in the absence of cell culture facilities or sonication equipment. It is also useful as a sheared, cross-linked chromatin positive control, alongside your own cell extracts.

Conditions for cell culture, DNA-protein cross-linking, and the sonication shearing process have been optimized for each human and mouse cell type.

IMGENEX India Pvt Ltd. the only biotech company in Orissa and one of its kinds in Eastern India. IMGENEX India started in Oct as an outsourcing branch of IMGENEX Corporation,San Diego, USA. Find out more information about Chromatin Immunoprecipitation.

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