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Anxiety & Panic; Normal Human Feelings

by: Sera Redmonds

Anxiety and panic are the two normal human emotions expressed as a result of a reaction against certain situations. The type and intensity of the reaction some times depends on many factors, mainly on past experience or a person’s vulnerability to that situation depending on that individual’s personal beliefs and attitude towards life. The idea of coping with excessive and uncontrollable anxiety and panic is to understand that anxiety and panic are normal human feelings common to all human being. To cope with your anxiety and panic you need to know a few truths of human life: • Being terrified or anxious about something does not mean that you are weak. Rather you are acting normal. • Certain level of stress is good because it increases the adrenaline in the body and encourages it to act more efficiently and quickly. • You will have to learn to control your worries. Do not spend whole of your day worrying, rather fix up a time when you will worry on the important matters of your life. • Relax. There are many ways to relax your body and mind. Like Yoga, deep breathing and muscle relaxation, outdoor activities etc. Choose your favorite activity and get down on it. • Go for regular exercise at least for 15 minutes. • Non-stop sleep of at least 8 hours per day is important. • Avoid alcohol, drug abuse and caffeine because these substances stimulate your nervous system and you have less control over your mind. • Do not escape from the thoughts of past experiences that fill you with panic and anxiety. Confront them and go deep into those thoughts so that you can analyze the relevance of those thoughts in your present life. You will feel comfortable later and be able to face the situations in a better way. • Use anti-anxiety medicines like Xanax if it helps you. But remember to talk to your doctor before taking the medicine. • Do not live with your anxiety and panic if they are increasingly obstructing your life. Seek a doctor help and talk to him openly about your worries and fears. The following tips above are simple ways to cope and control unnecessary worry and fear which interfere with your life and make you feel unhappy. Follow them and be hopeful about yourself and your life. Start helping yourself and happiness will follow.

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