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Cosmically Healthy Skin

by: Dr. Dima

Cosminology was created by Dr. Dima Ali, M.D. and inspired by her personal sensitivity to harsh, over the counter and prescription strength topical treatments. As a long-time acne sufferer with a propensity for hyperpigmentation, Dr. Dima began to combine varying strengths of potent, rejuvenating ingredients with natural, anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and essential oils to treat her own skin conditions and those of her patients.

Another one of her inspirations has been the successful treatment of difficult scars that are often referred to her by other dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in the Washington, D.C. area and internationally. The treatment of recalcitrant scars (from trauma, acne or just persistent scratching from hypersensitivity) can often take many months if not years to make a noticeable improvement. Dr. Dima’s successful treatment of stubborn scars through the synergistic combination of topical dermatological preparations and the latest in laser technology is one of her most rewarding endeavors.

One of Dr. Dima’s “life defining moments” was during the treatment of her own recent facial scar. During the research and testing phase of new laser technology, Dr. Dima endured a “very stubborn scar.” Her scar was healing slowly but surely with Cosminology’s Dermacles Clinical Skincare products. However, it was when she sought an effective yet natural and hypoallergenic camouflage that Dr. Dima discovered the accelerated healing of her scar. As she states: “it was like an overnight miracle.” Dr. Dima began applying the “miracle” mineral powder to her patients even immediately after laser or other cosmetic dermatological procedures to cover the redness and other side effects. Even people with acne noticed a significant improvement in their skin’s condition. Dr. Dima admits that it was ultimately a combination of both art and science that was the definitive cure. Nonetheless, as Dr. Dima eloquently states:

We talk about the connection between art and science, between quantum physics and ‘universal forces,’ between healing energy and the latest medical/surgical technology...But we must remember that the mind-body connection is the most powerful of all of these in healing "dis-ease.” I had to wonder how much of the accelerated healing of my scar was due to my ability to effectively yet naturally cover it up which in turn made me feel much better and less self-conscious.

Regardless, Dr. Dima believes that healthy, beautiful skin empowers the individual to look better and feel better about themselves whether they have an adverse skin condition or not. Cosminology’s Dermacles Clinical Skincare and Minacles Clinical Mineral Coverage are clinically, physically and emotionally healing. It began as a decision to do what was best for her patients. It then became a very personal desire to heal her own scar. Finally, it evolved into a more "cosmic" desire to share this with anyone who can benefit. Dr. Dima describes Cosminology as a “true labor of love” and, as she reminds her patients who call her and her team “earth angels,” don't just believe in miracles...expect them!
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WARNING: regular use may cause excessive skin admiration resulting in skin envy tm

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Dima Ali, M.D. is an internationally recognized aesthetic and anti-aging medicine expert. Her areas of expertise include aesthetic laser surgery, minimally invasive face lifts, lipofilling/fat transfer, botox, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, sclerotherapy, injectable lipolysis and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Ali received her undergraduate degree at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She received her Doctorate of Medicine and completed her residency training at The George Washington University School of Medicine, with special emphasis in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Women's Health and Preventive Medicine. After completing additional post graduate work in Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery, she founded one of the East Coasts first medical spas, WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine in Reston, VA. Dr. Ali and her staff are deeply committed to the well being of each patient. Combining artistry with state-of-the art technology, they pride themselves on providing each patient with customized care. WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine has been featured in Cosmetic Surgery Times, Vogue, DaySpa Magazine, In Style Magazine, Health and Beauty, The Washingtonian and The Washington Post as one of the "Top Medical Spas in the USA." Dr. Ali has been featured on CBS News and frequently lectures and teaches hands-on courses at various national and international medical conferences. Dr. Ali is a Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and a faculty member and scientific advisor for The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Ali is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery; The American Medical Association; The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has served as President of the Professional Medical Spa Alliance. Dr. Ali has trained under world renowned experts including Dr. Zein Obagi and Dr. Pierre Fournier. She also teaches cosmetic procedures with Dr. Fournier to other physicians, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, general surgeons and primary care doctors. She is committed to the advancement of aesthetic medicine and surgery and is recognized as an important leader in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia areas as well as throughout the aesthetic and medical spa industries.

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