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Hair Extensions - Longer, Thicker Hair

by: Andy Black

Hair extensions are a great way to adorn your lifestyle so have fun and treat yourself. They can enhance your beauty and give you a new lease of life. Hair Extensions are a quick way to get longer and fuller hair. There are many kinds of Hair Extensions on the market, but there are two main types of application methods: Individual Strands and Wefts. They are mainly used to lengthen or thicken their existing hair, nevertheless It is proving extremely popular to use them for temporary highlights and lowlights. People wanting an instant image change, can have hair extensions fitted to do just that.

They come in many varieties and can be pre-coloured, pre-highlighted or pre-permed with curls or a body wave. Depending on how it was attached, you may need to have your hair extension re-done after six or eight weeks, or they might last up to four months. Re-attaching is generally necessary because our natural hair continues to grow, the bonding agent becomes loose, life happens, and you’ll need to re-adjust and maintain your hair’s appearance.

Hair extensions are widely available in many different colours, textures, styles, and lengths. A skilled stylist can choose hair extensions that are practically indistinguishable from your own hair. Extensions made from human hair can be styled after application. This enables wearers to have greater flexibility and naturalness in their daily style. On the other hand, they are coloured and styled before application and cannot be changed.

Taking good care of your hair extensions is a little different to caring for your normal hair. You have to follow the aftercare tips from your salon very carefully, otherwise they will not last as long as they should, which is rather a waste of time and money. Remember too that you can have extensions curled and highlighted and so on, but this must be done professionally and is not really something you should try on your own at home. Hair extensions should not be more than double the length of your normal hair. Never go to bed with them damp, and always tie your hair up when sleeping, this will help prevent tangling and other such problems. Run your fingers through the braids to get rid of tangles, doing this regularly is recommended to help maintain them. Don't brush harshly and tug at the extensions, as this can put strain on the bonds which hold them to your scalp. When you brush your hair, make sure you use a brush with soft bristles and work your way up from the bottom to the top, using the brush gently.

When your hair extensions are being fitted your stylist should not place them any lower than the base of your scalp, say around the middle of your ears. The reason that they are not applied any lower than this is so that your hair underneath this point covers the extensions, if you want to wear your hair tied back or in styles such as French braids or French twists. This allows your extensions to be versatile and means that it really will feel just like your natural hair. Basically you will be able to create any style you want with your hair extensions in, as you will just have to treat them exactly the same as you would treat your own hair.

Article written by Andy Black. Rapunzels Hair Extensions is a professional hair extensions studio that fits bonded hair extensions. It also sells quality clip in hair extensions and remy human hair wefts via its online store.

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