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Cancer Cell Therapy Markets

by: Bharat Book

Traditionally, treatment of disease is carried out by small molecules that target specific cell types. In diseases such as cancer, the treatment is meant to kill cancer cells, leading to the removal or at least the inhibition of cancer cell proliferation. In other circumstances, a variety of therapeutic molecules have been utilized lead the disease cells to perform a specific function that they normally do not. These include small molecules, peptides, proteins, antibodies, anti-sense RNAs and ribozymes. In the case of cell therapy, as the name indicates, treatment is carried out with cells instead of small molecules. In cell therapy, cells are given to the patient as the therapeutic delivery system for a specific disease to achieve therapeutic benefit. The purpose of this report is to describe the market segment of the cell therapy market aimed specifically at cancer therapy. Moreover, a review of cellular agents that is related to the chemical and cellular constituents of blood or other tissues for cancer care of the patient is addressed in this study. The two most important areas where such agents are used are in the hospital and the clinic. Emphasis is on those companies and products that are actively developing and marketing cell therapeutic agents and supplies for treating cancer patients.

Table of Contents:

1. Overview 6
2. Biology of Cellular Therapy for Cancer: Different Cell Types Deployed and Disease Areas Addressed 11
3. Current Status of Cellular Therapies for Cancer

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