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Aloe for Cancer Prevention

by: Bob Sims

Aloe may help prevent or aid in the regression of cancerous tumors, a new study suggests.

Researchers from Istanbul University in Turkey investigated the use of Aloe vera leaf pulp extract against tumor cells in mice.

In the study, the mice were divided into five groups. The first two groups were control groups, one healthy, and one that received tumor cells but did not receive aloe treatment. The test groups included one group that received aloe prior to receiving an injection of tumor cells, one received aloe with the tumor cell injection, and the last group was given aloe after receiving the tumor cell injection. The mice received aloe injections twice a week for 21 days.

The researchers measured tumor size, inflammation of different organs, as well as various immune cell counts to determine the effects of aloe. The best results were seen in the group that received aloe treatment prior to tumor implantation. It was noted also that aloe decreased the size of the tumors in the mice that received the aloe with the tumor implantation as well as after tumor implantation.

The researchers also observed a decrease in the number of various tumor markers with the use of aloe in all three experimental groups.

The researchers concluded that due to its capability of enhancing the immune system, Aloe vera may be a possible preventative agent for cancer.

Strong and good scientific evidence supports the use of aloe for constipation (laxative), dandruff/seborrhea (sebhorrheic dermatitis), genital herpes and psoriasis.

Other integrative therapies with strong of good evidence for the prevention or treatment of cancer include vitamin A, probiotics, psychotherapy and selenium.

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