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Smoking effect on Sexual Health

Siamon Richer

According to most recent research information, 13 percent of infertility is credited to Smoking. Smoking has severe dangerous effects on the men who have sperm count on the lower side. Smoking not only affects reproductive ability of parents but as well causes cancer in their children by causing alterations in genes and chromosomes. While compare to non smokers, smokers need two times the number of In Vitro fertilization efforts.

In a statement, the BMA expected 120,000 British men aged 30- 50 had turn into impotent because of smoking. Up to 5,000 miscarriages every year were associated to smoking and passive smoking and tobacco was concerned in 1,200 cases of malignant cervical cancer each year.

Effects of Smoking on the sexual health of Males

1. Smoking reduces sperm density, entirety sperm count, totality number of motile sperm and citrate attentiveness in sperm.
2. It alters sperm morphology, sperm strength and ejaculated quantity of semen.

Effects of Smoking on the sexual health of Females:

1. Smoking speeds up the loss of reproductive function in females.
2. It precedes the Menopause by 1to 4 years.
3. It raises the threat of unprompted abortion and ectopic pregnancy.
4. Smoking causes alterations in ovum and effects reproductive ability.
5. High occurrence of childhood cancer in the babies of smoking parents.

Smoking leads to infertility

Smoking can cause infertility by changing the series of DNA in sperm cells. These alters could be hereditary to their offspring and make them infertile. So smokers not only injure themselves but also their children.

According to a investigate study published in the American cancer association journal, smoking causes mutations in the DNA which were hereditary by their children and undergo from infertility in the middle age.

Potential harm is straight proportional to the duration of contact. Most scary thing is these mutations are permanent.

Smoking mother damage their foetuses while smoking father cause infertility.
It is still not recognized whether these alters are inherited to their grand children.

Smoking accounts for 10 percent of medical deaths worldwide. Lung cancer is the main disease due to smoking. Smoking people are in moribund in urbanized countries due to health tutoring. Asian countries are experiencing unexpected rise in smoking habits due to little knowledge regarding its harmful effects.

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