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Breaking the Itch-Scratch Cycle: Natural Eczema Cures.

by: Larry Edwin

You'll want to read this article if you are interested in natural eczema cures. It will show you how the condition can be worsened by prescription and over the counter drugs and medications, the root causes of eczema and how you can naturally cure eczema both easily and quickly. These eczema cures will not only return your skin to a healthy, radiant state but it will also give you other health benefits as well.

Many eczema sufferers have relied heavily on corticosteroids. However, as a steroid these lotions, ointments and creams will only temporarily suppress symptoms and won't actually cure the condition. The use of these topical treatments over time can also cause a thinning of the skin. The skin can easily tear if it becomes too fragile. The steroids are also absorbed into the body which can suppress your immune system over time and increase your chance of infection or suppression of your gland functions.

Then there are prescription drugs like Prednisone which are immunosuppressants. While these drugs will actually suppress your immune system as they say they also come with many different side effects. These side effects include abdominal pains, changes in vision, irregular heartbeat, nausea and body pains. Long term effects can include bone deterioration, growth stunting, vomiting, constant tiredness, slow-healing wounds and more. Therefore once you stop taking the medication you eczema returns.

Do you know what causes eczema? Eczema outbreaks can be caused by several things. Some causes can include allergic reaction, handling of chemicals like cleaning products, food allergies and hereditary conditions. Those with eczema often have a lot of toxins in their system and which the body tries to eliminate toxins it appears as red, cracking, itching, bleeding, blistering rashes that many are familiar with.

You can truly cure your eczema naturally by following a simple and healthy diet. You will not only see immediate results, but you will also notice more energy, improved immune system and feel better than you ever have before. You can soothe and nourish your skin with natural ingredients that have no side effects giving you a smoother, softer complexion.

You can break the relentless itch-scratch cycle of eczema through proven, natural cures and you can soon have the healthy, radiant skin you have always dreamed of. You don’t have to take harmful prescription drugs or over the counter medications that will just worsen your condition.

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