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Sexual health problems - How to get better it?

Siamon Richer

Impotence is normally a symbol that point out the person has one more disease or habit. Problems that are affecting sex life are bodily, mental or social. People are spoiling their sex life by their perverted acts and addictions in additional to health problems.

Main health problems that affect your sex life:

Alcohol:-Alcohol not simply causes liver diseases; it also affects your frame of mind and behavior. Alcohol consumption may lift your mood in the short run, but it causes serious effects on the sexual desire and performance in the long-standing.
Smoking: More than 10 percent of impotence in men or women is due to smoking. Smoking causes infertility by causing alterations in genes. It influences sex life by decreasing the desire to have sex.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Sexually transmitted diseases affect your sex life by causing diseases similar to syphilis and herpes. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the main culprit by keeping away from still condoms.
Stress: Young couples are having less desire to have sex in every day life due to high stress levels in their work life. This is the main reason for increasing impotence cases in young couples still though they have no health problems.
Pregnancy: There is no requiring for pregnant woman to keep away from sex unless advised by medical doctor. They require changing sexual positions as pregnancy progresses.
Menopause or Andropause: Menopause causes vaginal dryness by reducing Estrogens levels. As age growths, sexual capability of men reduces due to big change testosterone secretion.
Poor Body Image: This is a psychological issue due to decreased confidence levels. Who with poor bodies feel inferior when they contributing in sex. Psychological counseling and encouraging words by husband assist to overcome this difficulty.
Diabetes: 30 to 60 percent of men with diabetes undergo from erectile dysfunction due to injure of blood vessels and peripheral nerves. A high cholesterol level decreases blood flow to genital organs by causing overweight deposits in arterial walls.
Drugs: Anti-hypertensive drugs such as diuretics cause erectile dysfunction. One should not use drugs without medical doctor’s recommendation.
Extreme Commuters: People are spending more time on travelling and have no time to take pleasure in quality sex life.
Office Romance: According to survey, 60 percent American employees have been involved in an office romance in 2006. This increase is due to rise of working singles and raise in office working hours.
Homosexuality: Rise in home sexuality is one more concern for traditional society and usual sex life and child bearing.

How to improve your sex life

- Keep away from addictions such as smoking and drinking.
- Never use medicinal drugs without medical doctor recommendation. Over the counter drugs also have some outcome on your sex life?
3. Never indulge in perverted sexual practices such as homosexuality.
4. Keep away from office sex life. Do not ruin happy family life.
5. Check with sex expert without hesitation in case of any difficulty in sex life.
6. Take psychological counseling if needed.
7. Manage chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and Diabetes.

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