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Anxiety Disorder - Symptoms and Treatment

by: Alexandru Matei

Symptoms that anxiety sufferers often experience :

* excessive worry
* shortness of breath
* fear of death
* generalized weakness
* nausea
* feeling of unreal
* sense of choking
* dizziness
* often Sweating
* severe headaches
* trembling
* numbness
* Hopeless Fear
* chills
* hot flashes
* heart palpitations
* chest pain
* difficulty breathing
* feeling guilty
* fatigue

These are the most common symptoms that anxiety sufferers may experience, however they may vary from one to another, depending on the actual level of anxiety.

Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Unlike panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorders usually last longer, usually up to 6 months or more, some people haven`t cured in 10 Years. Generalized anxiety involves excessive or unrealistic worry associated with the following symptoms:

* insomnia
* severe difficulties in concentrating
* irritability
* personality changes (changing moods often)
* severe headaches
* lack of energy (most of the time)
* muscle tension
* feeling of loosing control or going crazy
* often fearing death

The main factors that cause anxiety disorders:

* stress
* alcohol
* nicotine
* caffeine
* drugs
* other organic diseases

Is there any cure for anxiety?

Most people do not respond to medication or therapy. However anxiety can be treated naturally. I personally feel that in most of the cases, medication is not the cure. Anxiety can be treated without it. While it`s only up in your head, medication is definitely not the answer. It just takes the proper instruction and the desire to change yourself.

There are numerous courses and guides you can find on the Internet that will teach you the natural methods that many other anxiety sufferers have joined to overcome their anxiety or just relieve stress. Some of the courses that are worth considering right now is Panic Away and The Linden Method.

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